Dear Sleep...
4 am. It’s that grey area between a Goodnight or Good Morning.

All tucked in and cozy in bed but the silent alarm of creativity goes off and boom, eyes are open, mind is wide awake. You try to fight it by negotiating and rationalizing why you “should” sleep…a busy day, endless to do lists, clients, appts, etc., to no avail. Does this sound familiar to you? 
If it does, you might be one of those Creative Insomniacs like me. We are a special breed of people with masochistic minds. Minds that, when you are ready for sleep, or in the middle of it, choose to explode with activity.

Often the mind wanders aimlessly. Sometimes it goes through how the day went…like Every. Single. Aspect of it. Sometimes it thinks about tomorrows plans; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes it ponders about work, about hobbies, about love, about life, and about every little thing it possibly can.
“Maybe I should have went to the gym yesterday. Do I actually look good in those green pants? Can my elbow touch my nose? Oh never mind, it can’t. I wonder…how much wood can a woodchuck really chuck? Are woodchucks even a real thing? ”

But sometimes, just sometimes, the mind transforms into a creative genius. An expert mathematician. A philosophical writer. Or an artistic designer. You obtain a state of clarity that empowers your mind. It’s like someone pushed the nitro ignition of your brain. That magical time where creativity and inspiration comes naturally from within. Where you can still dream while being wide awake.

Suddenly your drawings are amazing, your designs are beautiful, and your writings are engaging. Whatever you churn out during that secluded period of the night, embrace it, do something with that borrowed time!! It’s bound to be good. Really good. Right?!


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