Side Hustle or Full Time Job?
Side Hustle…Is it just a little extra money on the side or a shift of employment as we know it? “With 25% of adults side-hustling today, there is no way back. The genie is let out of the bottle. Those who are underwhelmed and under-financed by their work, but have the appetite, if not the confidence, to go it all alone as an entrepreneur, will not let the chance slip. We can expect growth in side-hustling, possibly even doubling, in the next ten years.” Professor Bernd Vogel, Founding Director of the Henley Centre for Leadership, Henley Business School

This change in mindset has occurred for a range of reasons: Clearly, financial instability in the job market is a key driver. However, I think the most important element is realizing the dream to work for yourself – even if only on a part-time basis in the beginning. That’s an interesting concept to most people! Interesting enough that it’s something most are at least “willing to try”. Many crave more freedom and less “working hours” but we also have expensive tastes! The truth is, the only arena that offers those specific desires for us, IS entrepreneurship!

Going into self-employment is a major step to take for anyone. That being said, a side hustle doesn’t have to cost a lot and therefore comes with equally low risk. You can dangle your toes in the water and get a feel for it, yet still, have your full-time employment. Of course, what that side hustle looks like is completely up to you too. And that’s the power of making the decision to create your own additional revenue stream. You decide your future, how it will evolve and where it will go.

Whether or not you’re ready to leave the familiarity of your current job, I think it’s pretty clear, the attraction to a little side hustle is pretty enticing for a lot of people! The best part is...that we have choice in this day and age to choose what's best for us! And who knows, if you’re anything like me and fall in love with entrepreneurship the way that I have, in a few years’ time, your side hustle could transform how you work completely. That's entirely up to you!


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