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Top 10 Trail Running Races for Women

Trail Running Races for Women

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A lot of trail running races are held in USA especially for women athletes. It is always good to choose the best trail running shoes in order to go for racing. All women enthusiasts who love to run can participate in these races – be it on the roads or uphill, downhill, along the canyons, deserts, river beds, etc. There are tons of terrific running trails whether it is a desert or meadows or road ways or desert.

Below are the top 10 trail running races for women:

1. Desert R.A.T.S. trail

This is usually held in Fruita city of Colorado. This Kokopelli trail is located on the red rock terrain which is besides the Colorado deserts. This event takes place for 3 whole days and tracks are located along the canyons and scenic overlooks ranging up to 50 miles.

2. James River Scramble – Mid Atlantic

This race requires the participants to run across the dirt areas of James River, covering the ravines, climbing the steep hills, flood walls, rock hopping, running under rail road, and much more. This trail covers both natural and man made surroundings.check this website!

3. Dirty dog 15K trail run

You are allowed to run with your dogs in this 15 K run. The trail usually runs over the river banks, roads and areas where there is less activity.

4. 7 Sisters trail race

This is one of the toughest trails where runners are made to run across rocky pathway. This roller coaster ride up and down the ridges is very tiresome, but it is a greatest challenge to all the women runners of Massachusetts. This 12-mile single track route needs you to wear your best trail running shoes ever and climb 3.700 feet.

5. Pineland Farms Trail Running

A good pair of trail running shoes is needed in order to run this 5K to 50 miles race. This includes 5k barefoot on grass and dirt areas. This is one of those rare barefoot races.

6. Nitro Trail Half Marathon

This takes place in Richmond, California where the trails are along the shoreline and expand over 2,300 acre industrial land. Runners can enjoy the wild flowers, birds, eucalyptus trees and much more scenic views.

7. Continental Divide Trail Run

In Montana this 14K point race is run along the continental divide trail. The trail is too narrow, hence runners are scheduled to leave the starting point every 10 seconds and avoid jam.

8. Double Dipsea

Runners with their trail running shoes need to climb the hill 13.7 miles over Marine Headlands. This turn uses handicap format where slow runners start initially and the fast runners catch up later.

9. Mount Marathon Race

This run is just for 3 miles very steep and runners need to climb the Mount Marathon up to 3,200 ft.

10. Crow Pass Crossing

Trail Running Races for Women

This trail has no course marking and extends over 22.5 miles through Chugach Mountains following the Crow pass trail.view my source

Women runners can enjoy the outdoors, nature as well as gain fitness with these trail running races. Although there are thousands of trails available, runners can select the most suitable ones for them and run wearing their best trail running shoes.