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What Shoe Has the Most Aggressive Tread?

fitting trail running shoes

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In case you are looking for the best trail running shoes, then you must know they are built quite differently than the regular shoes. These shoes can address some major requirements such as foot protection and gripping. They offer the best grip as their outer soles give a deep lug and boost your stability through their aggressive tread patterns.continue reading..

Stiff sole and hidden plates are preferred for a trail runner for protecting their foot against rocks and roots. Protective toe counters are much more useful to prevent toe injuries.

We are here to help you find the best trail running shoes for you:

Features you must know

Trail running shoes can be used for a variety of purposes such as running, hiking, backpacking, etc. depending upon your ankle strength, the terrain and the backpack weight. These shoes have an aggressive tread. These are low top, stiffer and heavier hiking shoes. For steep and tough terrain, you would need more structured and protective support for your foot. When there is wet land, and muddy earth you may want to wear wider lug shoes which can easily release the mud.

What kind of runner are you?

If you are a occasional runner on the roads, then you can add a flavor to the road running regimen by wearing trailing shoes which are hybrid varieties of trail running shoes. Features such as deep lugs and stiff soles may not be necessary at this time. If you are up for racing or running up the hills, then you must definitely choose a pair of light weight shoes which can be easily handled. However a major drawback of these shoes can be a trade off with the shoe structure, support and protection.

If you are a minimal runner, then you can use a shoe which is a barefoot soled. This can give you smoother motion and swift movements. You just need to approach gradually so that you don’t hurt your legs. If you are trying to look for lighter shoes than you may need to sacrifice the durability, stability and protection it offers.

Weather conditions

If you are running under wet conditions, then you may want to buy water proof shoes with a breathable liner. Make sure that you buy slightly bigger size shoes if you buy the ones with liner as your foot needs some space past the extra padding.

However, if you are running in warm or summer weather, then do not choose the ones which have the liners. That is simply because shoes without a liner can offer you better breathability and dry quickly just in case you wash them or they get wet accidentally.


There is very less chances of getting hurt and tripped off with a properly fitting trail running shoes. Every brand has a fitting difference and so as the model. Hence, make sure that you try out the shoe which you like and walk for a while in the stores and then make your best decision to buy them or not. Check out if there are any stairs in the stores to test the uphill and likewise downhill by climbing off the stairs. You can scuff and stomp your feet accordingly to check if the shoes fit well.

fitting trail running shoes

Online reviews about various trail running shoes can help you decide what features are available for those shoes and check if they match your requirements. Road running shoes or hiking shoes might not be always suitable for trail running.see it from the site:

Hence, it is necessary to select the one which matches your requirements exactly in order to protect your foot and toes from getting hurt. Make sure you select the shoes which have shanks and plates for added support.